Team building


Boss driving you up the wall? Get your own back!

Through climbing and technique training, our team-building sessions encourage creativity, team bonding, individual growth, group communication and mutual trust. With a variety of facilities and challenges, they can be suited to the needs of your colleagues and employees - no matter their fitness or activity levels.


The nature of climbing is one of problem-solving, with many ways to approach and conquer a route - so it's as much a mental pursuit as it is a physical one. Your team will be introduced to the basics of climbing and belaying, run through all the safety aspects, and then set a series of tests and challenges. Think multi-person exercises, races between teams and team members, blind-folded climbing, and more ;)

It's also excellent value for money, making the most of your team-building and training budget. Your two-hour session comes in at only R 195 per person, and that includes all climbing and facilities, gear rental, as well as dedicated instructors.

So, get in touch, and let's get your team 'up' to speed!