Gym facilities



At our three gyms we have 11m (Bellville and Cape Town CBD) and 7m (Pinelands) indoor walls that cater to all levels of climbers, with grades ranging from 12 to 27. With a broad range of grips and setters, and regular route rotation, our variety of routes is fantastic. Top-roping and lead climbing are both available, and with a plethora of built-in features (overhangs, roofs, slabs) there's plenty to challenge yourself.


This is where we really stand 'out' from other gyms in the area. Our flagship is our monster of a 13m wall at our Pinelands gym. Perfect for competitions, it's big enough for side-by-side climbing on top-rope, and is also bolted for lead climbing. It's 'little brother' is an 11m wall right alongside it, also catering for top-roping and lead. Both options are the perfect answer to those wanting to get in some endurance or weather training in a controlled environment.



For those more of the bouldering persuasion (or those wanting the perfect cross-training for sport climbing), our world-class bouldering areas are right up your alley. With walls angled from flat to full 90 degrees (for those who prefer to see the world upside down), we have some great training at hand. Also integrated into our bouldering area is a campus board, for those looking to build finger, tendon and muscle strength.



With an easily adjustable, and re-settable, training board in our Pinelands gym, we're able to offer our climbers and boulderers the ability to build muscle and compression strength, as well as specific grip technique. Adjustable from 45 degrees overhanging to all the way past vertical, this unique training tool is big enough and comprehensive enough to be a workout on its own.



Not only do we offer everything our climbers could need in terms of climbing, but we also have the facilities to help them heal and recover faster. With a dedicated therapy room that is lettable by masseuses, physios, chiropractors, etc., we have all the recovery and rehab facilities you could need, right here at the gym. We also offer innovative inversion therapy ourselves, in a dedicated treatment room - click here to learn more.



With plenty of lockers on hand, and locks available at front desk for those without, you don't have to worry about your stuff while you're on the walls. We also have lockable unisex shower rooms (and towels available) to wash off the sweat and exertion - so you can pop in for a session, and still be bright and shiny for your afternoon board meeting or romantic evening dinner ;)