Intro Course


Keen to try climbing, but don't know where to start? Always wanted to learn how to belay? Our Intro Course is just what you're looking for!

Our experienced instructors will run you through everything you need to know - we'll cover safety and preparation, gear usage and fitting, as well as basic climbing techniques and how to belay another climber. We keep the courses to small groups of no more than four people at a time, to ensure you get the focused attention you need, and run you through a short test by the end of the session, to make sure you've got it.

Sessions are two hours long, and need to be booked in advance, at a cost of only R195. This includes entry and all gear rental, as well as your dedicated instructor (you can then also enjoy as much climbing as you'd like for the rest of the day).

Technique Course

So, now you've been climbing a while, and maybe you're seeing your progress start to plateau... Why not take a technique course to help you level up?

With one of our more experienced instructors, we'll get you working on the aspects that you need to start sending harder grades. We'll cover things like body position, muscular tension, transitions, footwork, breathing, and route-planning, and have you discovering moves you didn't know you had in you!

Also two hours long, with advance booking required, our Technique Course comes in at the same R195 - including entry, all gear required, and your instructor.